Be ready; Massive harvest; New Gifts Released

This prophecy came in an end of month prayer meeting, after a ninety day prophecy and intercession for a massive harvest. The ninety day prophecy was fulfilled on 25th August 2021, but the word of the Lord was received three days later while in corporate prayer.

Generations shall turn to you, even in this season, O’ God. We prophesy it! You have decreed it! Who has decreed it that it shall come to pass if not the Lord God Almighty? Generations shall be turned to you by your Word, by your Spirit.

Massive massive harvest. They are ready already!


I am standing behind a mighty building now. I say open up in the name of Jesus. Every single person in this building is coming out.

This fortress you shall hear the word of the Lord, for I do not come in my name. I come in the name of the King of Zion. I am authorized to say, Be open this day. The goods belong to Jesus. You strongman we bind you. We possess the goods for Jesus.

Come out ye children of the most High. Come out ye who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

They are coming out to meet the King of glory who comes upon a cloud riding glorious brighter than the sun. He is coming for a ready church. O’ beloved are you ready? Make ready then.


I prophesy that we shall be ready, that we are being made ready. I prophesy that even these ones they are being made ready by our work, by our labours. They shall never perish.

The glory of the Lord is in this place. Let’s kneel and honour the glory of the Lord. 

This is a mighty work you are doing, O Spirit of God. It’s a mighty work. It’s not been seen before. We shall remember this day, it is written in heaven, the 28th of August 2021.

You have planned this, its a mighty mighty move. You are shaking nations, you’re touching lives. It’s going all over the place. Boundaries, territories, regions: unlock unlock unlock.

The King of glory is coming. Are you ready church? Make ready then! The King of glory comes. He rides on a horse so white, so beautiful.

Who is ready? For He saith, I sought for a man who will stand in the gap that I might not destroy the land. I sought I sought I sought, and I have found you. Thank you, saith the Lord. And so I spare them, I give them to you. I give them to you saith the Lord God Almighty. For you have asked, I give them beyond your imagination. I give them saith the Lord of hosts. You are a city set on a hill saith the Lord. You will not be hidden. You shall not be hidden. For I have proclaimed my word this day to the hosts of heaven concerning these ones. I decree it! They are released! This is My authority, saith the King of Zion. You have not laboured in vain I assure you my children. You have not laboured in vain. You have not laboured in vain. I am delighted to say to you: you have not laboured in vain. And so the wind blows: I’m gathering, I’m gathering, I’m gathering. Be still and know I am the Lord God Almighty, Maker of the ends of the universe.

A trumpet is sounded in My Holy temple in the heavens this day.


For I am releasing new gifts into the Earth saith the Lord that has not been seen before. Eyes have not seen this before. My glory shall be revealed in a manner, in a manner, in a way. A unique way. Salvation is born in every area. In the market place, in the church, on the street, in the home, in the darkest places. For I am King, I reign victorious over all the powers of darkness. And it is written, kiss the Son lest you perish in the way. And it is written, ask of me of the nations, ask of me of the heathen and I shall give them to you. It is written.


For it is written gross darkness shall cover the earth. But in that moment my light will shine. And in this moment my light is shining. In this moment I have you. You are my body saith the Lord. You are a city set on a hill. You will not be hidden. You are the light of the world. Come shining. Keep shining. Come shining, keep shining.

By your works they will see My glory. Triumphant I am already, now you must arise triumphant church. Are you ready? saith the Lord. Then be ready, stay ready. Be ready for the husbandman.

Be ready for the Son of man. Be ready, he comes riding on a cloud. A cloud of glory. A cloud of glory.

I must be seen in you first. I must be seen in you, each of you first. Be ready! I am already triumphant, now you arise. Arise and shine for your light has already come. I am your light. Now you light the way for others that are dying, perishing, lost and rejected, shattered, brokenhearted, bound and wounded. Lead them to me, and I will heal them. Lead them to Me and I will deliver and save the wretch, the wretchest of them all.

says the King of glory

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