WOTL Tuesday – Turkey 8.0 Quake, Terrorist attacks, Speed train accident, Gun shootouts

Weekly Word of the Lord recorded on 9th January 2024.Many accidents and casualties are revealed in this video, but amidst all of the chaos, God is as a beacon of hope to all who are lost. Chapters:0:18 Turkey Earthquake 8.0 Prophecy1:00 Prison Break1:45 Terrorist attacks on three islands: South America, […]

Ghana Youth Crisis 2: Idleness & Idolatry • Iniquity in Marketplaces • Money Problems + Solutions

Part 2 of Ghana Youth Crisis brings more in-depth revelations and understanding of the situation with young people living in Ghana, both spiritually and practically on the ground. Counsel and blueprints for the national security of the youth of Ghana have been given by the Spirit of God. Video includes […]