God’s swift work of judgment in Central region, Ghana; Prophecy for Ajumako Owan town

On Thursday 4th August 2022 while carrying out a divine assignment at Ajumako Owan in the Central Region of Ghana, the word of the LORD came to me, and He said:

There is judgment coming to this area. There are three (3) major chiefs who are going to fall dead. It will bring a great release to this area. Tell all the people.

It will happen this very month. I am doing a swift work of judgment in the central region. Mark this.

Tell everyone to watch and pray, for a great release is about to take place in this land.

There is a coming revival to this area. A revival of fire; an awakening to destiny. Many youth will be liberated [set free], and entrepreneurship will boom, once again.

A news will sweep across the land: “3 major chiefs have fallen dead. How?” It is the hand of God.

This land is mine says the Lord. I am reclaiming lost territories.

Prophecy for Ajumako Owan Town

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