Massive awakening of women and a hidden mystery of Christ revealed.

Ghana shall be free. Ghana shall be delivered by your prophets O’ God. 

Henceforth today marks a new day in the prophetic agenda of God in this nation. Mark this day down. The Lord begins a new work in this nation amongst women. It shall be a new work like has never been seen before. A massive revival; women waking up. No longer being content with being housewives, but seeking for more of the Lord, saying, “Lord there has to be more”. It is moving across the nation, even the uneducated are waking up. The most educated are waking up. We are lifting the banner of Jehovah. 

Where the men have failed, the women will not fail. Where the men have disappointed the Father, the women will not. For He has kept them in the background for a long time.

But this is the season, says the Lord, where I pour out My oil upon them afresh. It is a revival. It is My revival says the Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit is hovering; moving. He is breathing, bringing refreshing into your lives from your troubles. So many, many, many; he knows them all. But there is refreshing for your souls. There is a renewal; the renewal, rebirthing of My promises to you. You thought they were dead, but I say to you, Come alive! Come alive!! Awaken! Awaken!!

“I live for the One I love”. Like in Luke 8:1-3, they will live for Him. They will minister to Him. They will sit at His feet. They will be about His business all day long. They are coming out with fire in their mouth, in their belly, in their way of thinking. There is a reprogramming going on in society. They are taking positions of authority.

For hath not God reserved to reveal greater works through His church, says the Spirit of God. Even so when I gave marriage, I ordained and purposed the mystery of Christ to be revealed through the church, which is the woman. (Ephesians 5:30-33)

So, though the man was the forerunner, the woman now shall be used to reveal the deeper secrets of my Kingdom. For I said, I go to the Father therefore you shall perform greater works. (John 14:12).

Thank you Lord Jesus. We honour you O Lord for the work you are doing.

So you make it known. Since ages past it has been hidden, but now to your hosts you reveal. You announce to your hosts. You are making it known to your hosts. They delight in your holy words; they delight in your holy words. How they jump for joy at the mention of your name. How they delight in this mystery.

These last days, you are working in our midst. It will be history recorded in our midst. For this mission will be a beacon of light. To the ages; to the ages, an ancient mystery is revealed.

Pastor Paul directs two women of God, prophetess Anna and prophetess Princella to kneel before Jehovah and to hold hands;

He is working in your hearts. He is working in your lives. Join hands together on behalf of our country; the younger generation and the older generation. You are standing in the gap. You are lifting up holy hands unto Zion. You are saying, Here we are Lord. Here we are Lord. Use us. Use the women in this nation Lord. Begin to do that work now. Begin to use us Lord!

The wind of God is moving in the midst of His people across the nation. Across the nation, He is sweeping away the chaff. The chaff, collecting for burning; For burning! For burning!! It is time for my judgment saith God.

This is the Word of the Lord God Most High declared on Saturday, 30th of July 2022, during Corporate Prayer Meeting.

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