Ghana Youth Crisis 2: Idleness & Idolatry • Iniquity in Marketplaces • Money Problems + Solutions

Part 2 of Ghana Youth Crisis brings more in-depth revelations and understanding of the situation with young people living in Ghana, both spiritually and practically on the ground. Counsel and blueprints for the national security of the youth of Ghana have been given by the Spirit of God.

Video includes a spontaneous prophecy and word of the Lord to preachers, investors; and a special message to apostles and prophets.

You may follow the chapters below to jump to bookmarked sections.
0:00 Welcome
0:30 Introduction
0:59 Barber shop talk
2:11 Idleness and Idolatry
7:18 Opportunities for preachers
7:33 Opportunities for investors
8:21 Gambling with each others lives
8:50 Prevalent use of charms in markets
12:28 What is an idol: is it a demon?
15:24 Young people need money: challenge of the church
16:40 A call to Christian leaders
20:27 Summary recap of problems
21:01 Faith crisis
23:00 An end-time move of God
26:20 Pattern of ‘twos’: God is calling people corporately
30:00 Special Message to Apostles and Prophets: Reformation
36:36 Special Message b: Reason for the financial struggles
38:00 Special Message c: Correct patterns for ministry
40:30 Special Message d: Setting due order for the apostolic office
44:55 Line of action
47:00 Help is available to you

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