Earthquake in Ghana set to hit Afadjato mountains (2022)

On 31st May 2022, the word of the Lord came to me, and He said:

In 1997, there was an earthquake in Ghana that shook the mountains of Afadjato. The same will happen this year (2022). Warn the people about this. This is a sign of My coming.

Watch the video below for the full prophecy, the warning and a breakdown of the spiritual significance of the coming earthquake in Ghana as a sign of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Video on YouTube has a timeline of chapters.

0:05 The Word of the Lord 1:06 Location of earthquake – Hohoe Municipal District 1:37 What is an earthquake 2:09 Evidence of earthquakes in Ghana in 1997 2:37 Purpose of announcement 3:32 Spiritual and physical relevance of coming earthquake 11:00 Reconciling modern prophecy with bible prophecy 13:12 Purpose of shaking 14:52 Caution to residents, tourists and all concerned 15:50 Silver jubilee of last earthquake at Afadjato 17:36 “I am coming”, says the Lord 17:48 Get ready 20:26 Significance of silver jubilee and the return of Jesus 24:50 Warning & Wake up call 27:30 Purpose of earthquake as a sign 33:55 Signs and Wonders 44:25 Summary and conclusion

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