Prophecy for Abused Wives

God has a judgment concerning abused wives. They have not been crying in vain unto the Lord God. He says:

I am bringing My children out on eagles’ wings. I have not forgotten about battered and abused wives.

This is for those who are in covenant. Abused women who have been held in fear that if they talk, their lives are in danger. What shall you do, O Lord?

The Lord says:

I will bring them out of captivity with a mighty strong hand. I will break them out from their bonds. I will be good to them as a husband. I will lead them out in the path of righteousness.

If a woman will stay with you even when you have actually broken the sacred law of holy matrimony and then you batter her, how will God bring her out?

With a strong mighty hand, He will lead them out of captivity. He will heal their broken hearts. He will mend their broken hearts. He will show them the way. They will begin to speak out and speak up. “I didn’t come into marriage to be killed“, some will say.

In some marriages, the way the devil wants to destroy the destiny of the wives as hard as it sounds, is through the husband. The moment the lady will leave, the demon will stop, and the man will come to his senses. It’s a trick: “If you leave I will kill you” or “If you leave, I will kill myself”. It’s a bondage; it’s fear.

Jehovah will bring them out on eagles’ wings. He will be good to them. He will clean them up; and so shall it be.

During August 2022 intercessory prayers, this word was received and declared.

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